Friday, June 2, 2017

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electric Muscles Stimulation is one of the most flexible therapies we provide at Bergen Physical Medicine. A popular way of alleviating pain and restoring muscle function, electric muscle stimulation, or EMS, is used to help rebuild atrophied muscles, reduce downtime between sporting events, and provide low-risk, non-addictive comfort to people suffering from pinched nerves.

The electric pulse is through wires from a machine to sticky pads on the targeted parts of a patient’s body. Electricity causes the muscles immediately beneath the skin to convulse, sending a surge of blood to bush out blockages which naturally accumulate as a result of cellular respiration. In this way, EMS functions similarly to sports massages. The removal of blockages reduces swelling and allows nutrients to reach the muscles more quickly.

EMS is also used to re-establish connections between the nerves and the spinal system. Convulsing the muscles causes electrical channels to be reopened between the central and peripheral nerves. This also allows signals responsible for producing endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, to reach the part of the body being treated with EMS.

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