Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Pinched Nerves

Physical therapists and chiropractors of all sorts are familiar with pinched nerves, and Dr. Brian M. Wraith of Bergen Physical Medicine is no exception. People accustomed to going to a chiropractor for help with herniated discs are familiar with how leaking spinal fluid compresses nerves, resulting in pain, tingling, or loss of function in the area of the compression or in an area the nerve leads to. But it is possible for any nerve to become pinched.

Pinched nerves tend to occur most frequently in areas where nerves don’t have a lot of soft tissue to cushion them from bones or outside forces. Some particular risk factors are scar tissue and swelling.  Scar tissue takes up additional space inside the body, reducing the space for a nerve and swelling causes increased pressure inside the body, resulting in pressure on a nerve. 

Nerves have their own protective covering, and can usually heal in time. However, the proper treatment can speed up healing and provide pain relief. Dr. Wraith’s office offers chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy to help patients reduce the pressure on a pinched nerve and take precautions against further compression.

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